Double Strip Labels #PIC-9704, Replaces Neopost® 7449704, Hasler® 900-408-0 labels


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PIC-5593 Double Strip Labels replace Neopost® 7449704 or Hasler® 900-408-0 labels. Premium quality labels for the Neopost®, Hasler® machines listed below offering a full guarantee on quality and performance.

Compatible with the following Mailing Machines:
Neopost® IS330™
Neopost® IS350™
Neopost® IJ25 ™
Neopost® IJ35™
Neopost® IJ40™
Neopost® IJ45™
Neopost® IJ50™
Neopost® IJ60™
Neopost® IJ65™
Neopost® IJ70™
Neopost® IJ75™
Neopost® IJ80™
Neopost® IJ85 Series™
Hasler® IM330™
Hasler® IM350™
Hasler® WJ20™
Hasler® WJ60™
Hasler® WJ65™
Hasler® WJ90™
Hasler® WJ95™
Hasler® WJ250™
Hasler® WJ110™

Model Number: PIC-9704. Not manufactured by Neopost® or Hasler®.
Quantity: Double-Strip Labels, 2 Labels Per Sheet, 150 Sheets, 300 Label/Prints.

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Weight 1 lbs