Single Strip Labels #PIC-3710, Postage Meter Half-Tape Strips Designed for all HASLER WJ & IM series & NeoPost IJ & IS models.

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PIC-3710 Single Strip Labels for Neopost® IJ & IS models and Hasler® WJ & IM series machines, offering a full guarantee on quality and performance.

Designed for all for Neopost® IJ & IS models and Hasler® WJ & IM series machines.

7″ HALF TAPE …. Meter Tapes. Has a black liner that allows the feed sensor of the smaller IJ meters to see the tape when one label has been removed.

Two tapes per sheet providing users with the most economical and cost competitive postage meter tape on the market.

Sheet size: 3 7/16″ x 1 7/16″. Two tapes per sheet.

Quantity: 4-PACK, 2,400 Meter Tapes.

This compatible Hasler & Neopost meter tape comes with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Our Hasler & Neopost meter tapes are USPS approved to ensure you receive a solid performing product.

Model Number: PIC-3710. Not manufactured by Neopost® or Hasler®.

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